Maritime Love

Wednesday Afternoon Sailing Down The Merrimack

In June, on a Wednesday, I spent the afternoon sailing down the Merrimack River in Lawrence, Mass. I sailed the river with one of my best friends, Kelsey, and her younger sister, Jillian. Jillian at the time worked for the Lawrence Boat House. Our sailing experience brought us closer together and will be a moment in time I will always remember. Never have sailed with each other before, it tested our ability to work cohesively; as well as tested our endurance and perseverance to work through the moments when our muscles burned during our journey windward.

A vivid memory from sailing is of my concrete grip clutching onto the rope attached to the sail capturing the wind steering our sailboat in the zig-zag course windward. A moment of fear lapsed through my mind when we went starboard. To contain the wind in our sails, I gripped onto the rope as hard as my fingers and hands would allow. At this moment in time, I feel like a city girl living in the free spirited world. A panic came upon me that concerned my love toward life’s materialistic objects. I thought to myself I might not be able to hold onto the rope and my coach purse. Once I finished processing this thought, I realized there is more to life than materialistic objects.

After sailing the Merrimack Rivier, I realized nature is the secular object to be attracted and attached to. On this sailing adventure, I also realized nature heals and nurtures the human soul. Sailing for me is a time to admire the landscape around me and discover why we should not take this planet for granted.

The tiled mosaic of photographs below I took with the iPhone 5 camera and edited them with photoshop.

Enjoy Your Day & Go Sailing!



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