Poe Returns To Boston

Edgar Allan Poe Statue in Boston Common


Ever since I was introduced to Edgar Allan Poe’s literature when I was in middle school, he has been on the top of my most read authors. The first story I read by Poe was The Tell-Tale Heart, and it only took one story to get me hooked reading Poe’s other literature. So when I heard Stefanie Rocknak was chosen to sculpt Poe’s life size 5’8’’ brass statue, I made sure to mark the unveiling date in my calendar of events.

Rocknack works very cleverly in the detail aspect of designing and sculpting her brass and wooden statues. Poe’s facial expression on the statue in Boston Common depicts the type of man he has been described to be. His body language portrays him as a man in a rush. Which I distinguished as Poe is in a hurry to write the short story he’s conjuring in his current thoughts. Also, several of Poe’s short stories and poems sculpted into his statue depicted by images taken from his written work. Poe’s life size brass statue is a sight to see on your next trip to Boston.

The photographs in this blog post I captured with Nikon’s D3200 and edited them with Photoshop.

Enjoy & Take a Photo With Poe’s Statue!



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