Sunflowers & Some Fall Rain


The sound of the light rain falling and crickets chirping in the background is a soothing sound for an individual’s ears to experience. Moments like this I enjoy capturing with my cell phone to have and share with the world around me. Even though it is something so small and simple as rain and flowers it helps to keep me grounded after working a 50 hour week.







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CS Graphic Design

Candice's passion for graphic design and photography began in 2008. Her passion evolves from an enthusiasm she has for writing and reading. Candice's graphic design and photography experiences allow her to create with an innovative flow and thought process as a freelance artist.

6 thoughts on “Sunflowers & Some Fall Rain”

  1. Hello Candice,

    Thanks a ton for the follow on my blog. Apologies for the late response.
    I don’t know whether it’s my data connection or something else but the media in this post is still loading, after more than 2 minutes.

    Happy blogging. God bless. πŸ™‚

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