The Red Queen Vector

Disney’s Alice in Wanderland

I created the vector image of the Red Queen using Adobe’s illustrator CS5 in 2014, this is one of my favorite pieces that I have been able to create so far as a graphic designer.

While creating this piece I struggled most with teaching myself how to use the gradient tool to create a shadow that truly depicts the queen’s features.

Enjoy and go see Alice Through The Looking Glass!


Red Queen 2014

Image created by CS Graphic Design


Flash Video

Trick or Treat . . . ? Flash video

Type of Work: Graphic Design, Animation, Web Design & Interactive Media.
Industry: Personal & Business Services 
Client: N/A
Role: Created for fun
Date: October 2014 
Software Used: illustrator, Photoshop, Flash
Positive Outcomes: Multiple shares and likes on social media
Tags: Flash, Animation, Happy Halloween, Holiday Card
Description: Trick or Treat . . . ? Flash video created for fun to learn the different aspects and tools in the Flash software.

Enjoy & Happy Halloween!