Digital Slide Duplicator: Opteka

Today I spent my day transforming hard copy slides into digital copies. My client will now be able to view their slides without the use of a projector, but with the simple use of a computer, cell phone, tablet, or even view them as a slide show on their flat screen TV. Direct Message me at for inquiries about how to have your slides transfered into digital copies.






imageBefore and After

The process is quick and simple, as well as affordable.



Prevent Water & Snow From Getting on Your Camera Lens


How to Take Photographs While it’s Snowing or Raining

A plastic solo cup is a perfect solution to prevent snow and rain from ruining your photographs by landing on your camera’s lens. Remember to do your measurements before you start to cut the plastic cup. The bottom of a Heavenly Donuts plastic coffee cup fits perfectly around my Nikon 52MM lens.


I cut a whole into the bottom of the cup the circumference of my camera lens after I gathered measurements for my camera’s lens. I then cut the cylinder part of the cup to stick out no more than 2 inches to prevent it from getting in the shot of my photographs.

You can use a see-through cup, or to control the amount of light in a shot use a solid colored plastic cup. Different colored cups will produce different effects to your photos.

The materials for this project include:
– Clear/Solid Plastic Solo Cup
– Scissors
– Razor Blade
– 12’’ Ruler

The photographs in this blog post I captured with Nikon’s D3200 and edited them with Photoshop.

Enjoy Your Dry Camera Lens!