Liam’s Light

Liam’s Light is the first children’s book I’ve had the delight illustrating for a freelance client. Whom, I met while attending my Alma Mater, Salem State University in 2014. The children’s book, dedicated to my client’s nephew, uses a celestial depiction explaining to Liam we came from the milky way galaxy.

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(This book is fiction; none of the statements use is from scientific origin.)


Enjoy Reading Liam’s Light.



Washington’s Monument

The United States National Park

Washington’s¬†monument in the U.S National Park stands prominently and overlooks the park with a perfect 360-degree view from its top. When I was a child visiting D.C with my family, one of my fondest memories is of my sister and I climbing the spiral staircase to the monument’s top. I remember peering out its narrow windows and seeing the neighboring monuments from its aerial view. The clustered atmospheric view from Washington’s monument includes the United States Capitol Building, Lincoln’s Memorial, the Reflection Pool, and The United States White house.

DSC_0748 2Using Photoshop, I created the hexahedral shapes in the Cubism image with different¬†patterns and textures to depict the finished result. The image of Washington’s monument is from a photograph I captured with Nikon’s D3200 camera while visiting the park in April of 2014. Cubism I feel depicts best the different generations who’ve climbed to the top and were able to see the same view I’ve been lucky enough to see and remember through the years passed.


Enjoy The Different Cubes!