3 Sunflower Fields in 2 Days

Some would think driving two hours to photograph a sunflower field is impulsive and a half hour to an hour drive is more realistic. But, I feel driving long distances is soothing to the mind in a way where you’re allowed to meditate in your own feelings. It gives you time to reflect back on your life and enjoy the adventure to your destination.

Lyman Orchard’s Sunflower Field Maze. Middlefield, Conn.

Before I decided to make the two-hour drive to Middlefield, Conn. I downloaded a radar weather app to track the left-over rain from Hurricane Harvey. By noon I was half way to Worcester, Mass. Driving through off and on pouring rain, but by the time I reached the Lyman Orchard’s sunflower field the radar said it would be light to no rain.

As I turn down the wrong road to the golf course instead of the road to the farm, it is a torrential down pour and I thought to myself, “Well at least I have a poncho to cover my camera while I take pictures of myself in the rain.”

Now on the correct road to the sunflower field, the rain let up and a bright over cast drifted in the New England sky. On this cloudy day, the sunflowers droop over in a tear drop stance with only a few late bloomers soaring through the disarray of Lyman Orchard’s sunflower maze. Before I left my house, I contemplated bringing the bright yellow dress I picked out and once I saw the tragically small number of sunflowers still alive I knew the dress would work perfectly.



Colby Farm Sunflower Field. Newburyport, Mass.

The next morning when I woke up, there was no need to check the weather radar app for the day’s forecast. Colby Farm is about a half hour from my house and is always in full bloom in early September. Instantly I knew the dress to wear to add the perfect amount of contrast while standing up against the bright yellow sunflowers. The little black dress. But, I added a twist of country living farm life to it with a jean shirt and gardening boots.

On a cloudy day in September at Lyman Orchard’s, it is easy to find the perfect backdrop to take photographs. Unfortunately, Colby Farm is very crowded on a perfect day to take pictures. The other downfall is a number of times I was stung by bees trying to take photographs with my camera’s self-release timer. Finding the perfect spots to photograph me took some time and a lot more walking than the other two sunflower fields, but the end results of the photographs show how much the bee stings were worth it. Which by the way, I was stung 11 times, so this proves I am definitely not allergic to bees.



Coppal House Farm Sunflower Field. Lee, NH.

Coppal House Farm’s sunflower field is only another 30 minutes from Colby Farm, which is how it is so easy to do three sunflower fields in two days. You could probably do all three in one day if you start early enough, but the unfortunate part is they all bloom at different times of the year. Coppal House Farm wasn’t even worth getting out of my car by the time I arrived. Not one sunflower stood taller than the other. All sad tear drops. If I was to come here in the beginning to middle of August I would have had better luck taking photographs, and I feel the same with the Lyman Orchard’s sunflower field as well as to enjoy the sunflower maze the farm builds in their field.

So, in the beginning, to the middle of August in 2018, I will plan a trip back to Lyman Orchard’s sunflower maze and the Coppal House Farm’s sunflower field to capture their sunflower fields at their fullest potential. And hopefully with some new dresses to help accent the scenery.


DSC_1029 2


Please Don’t Pick the Sunflowers. Thank You!



Long Exposures in an Abandoned Train Tunnel

Patrick, my travel companion, and I took the hour and a half drive from the Northshore to Clinton Massachusetts. Our destination is the abandoned train tunnel from the 1930’s. Centuries later the tunnel has been decorated by graffiti artists work and local partiers beer cans, the purpose of our journey is to experiment photographing Patrick holding a blue smoke grenade at the tunnel’s entrance. I have taken photographs with smoke grenades before with Patrick, but never at an abandoned train tunnel that seems endless.

Patrick and I plan to go back and take photographs from the other end. But, before we left we took several long exposure shots with sparklers I had from Forth of July.

Enjoy and Explore an Abandoned Place.