Liam’s Light

Liam’s Light is the first children’s book I’ve had the delight illustrating for a freelance client. Whom, I met while attending my Alma Mater, Salem State University in 2014. The children’s book, dedicated to my client’s nephew, uses a celestial depiction explaining to Liam we came from the milky way galaxy.

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(This book is fiction; none of the statements use is from scientific origin.)


Enjoy Reading Liam’s Light.



Flash Video

Trick or Treat . . . ? Flash video

Type of Work: Graphic Design, Animation, Web Design & Interactive Media.
Industry: Personal & Business Services 
Client: N/A
Role: Created for fun
Date: October 2014 
Software Used: illustrator, Photoshop, Flash
Positive Outcomes: Multiple shares and likes on social media
Tags: Flash, Animation, Happy Halloween, Holiday Card
Description: Trick or Treat . . . ? Flash video created for fun to learn the different aspects and tools in the Flash software.

Enjoy & Happy Halloween!