Long Exposures in an Abandoned Train Tunnel

Patrick, my travel companion, and I took the hour and a half drive from the Northshore to Clinton Massachusetts. Our destination is the abandoned train tunnel from the 1930’s. Centuries later the tunnel has been decorated by graffiti artists work and local partiers beer cans, the purpose of our journey is to experiment photographing Patrick holding a blue smoke grenade at the tunnel’s entrance. I have taken photographs with smoke grenades before with Patrick, but never at an abandoned train tunnel that seems endless.

Patrick and I plan to go back and take photographs from the other end. But, before we left we took several long exposure shots with sparklers I had from Forth of July.

Enjoy and Explore an Abandoned Place.



Antique Car Show

Kitty’s Antique Summer Car Show

Kitty’s hosts their antique car shows in the summer afternoons. A crowd of the most muscle of muscle cars fills it’s parking lot. Muscle cars from Camaros and Corvettes to the classical ford, come to show off and flex their engines. 

The photographs in this blog post I took with Nikon’s D3200 camera and edited them with photoshop.

Enjoy & Appreciate Antiques!


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